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Question to those with experience with Juniper

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Re: Question to those with experience with Juniper

Brammy wrote:

I'd rather keep the card for the history but with the way things are today, don't want to look to other, better creditors that I have more than they can trust me with.Smiley Sad  If I could just switch the thing to something useful or they would at least go down on the APR. I would keep it.  Oh well stops helping a whole lot after two years anyway so by the next anniversary, to the shredder it goes, if things dont change.

I had the same thought so I made the decision to get rid of some that were costing me money which lowered my overall credit available. Probably cost me a few points in the short term, but after they all finish reporting as closed, at least I won't look overextended. And the history will stay there since I have never been late on any of them and closed them on good terms.
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