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Quicksilver CLI (Lack of)

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Re: Quicksilver CLI (Lack of)

@joltdude, I was just about to post the same thread.  It is quite interesting and explains a lot.


I have very high scores, less than 1% utilization and always pay in full.  My 4 oldest cards are from Capital One, never a secured card but from the mid and late 1990's when my scores were less than stellar.  I seldom use these cards because the limits are low.  I guess kind of my own protest but that works against me.  C1 wants you to SPEND.  ALL CLI denied due to low usage.  It doesn't matter what your scores are currently, only when you applied.  I never tried to product change any until recently and they moved me from Platinum to QS1 on 2 and Platinum to Venture on 1.  The other I had an offer to product change over a year ago which was to QS, now Savor.  (they never offered the others, I just requested it after reading forums).  It seems odd that I could PC to Savor but have 2 stuck in a QS1.  But that's just how C1 seems to work.  You must gradually work yourself out of your current card regardless of good pay history or credit score. 


I think I've convince myself to close the non Savor/Venture cards as they will most likely remain in my AAoA as closed account for the next 10 years which will allow me to app new cards with higher limits and benefit from all the work I did to get my scores.  Oh yeah, and start using my cards regularly.  The games they play....Smiley Mad



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