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Re-aging question

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Re-aging question

Does anyone know if Sears, Radio Shack, or pier one will reopen closed accounts and re-age them?  I have a few closed from late 90's and early 2000's that I would love to have back into my AAoA.


Furthermore, I have a chase card that they closed on me through the credit drawdown with one 30 day late in 6 years.  Anyone had luck reopening those accounts?

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Re: Re-aging question

Radio Shack won't. I had one with a measly $200 limit that had gone unused for about 18 months so they closed it on me. I called to see if was possible for them to reopen it since it was only coded as closed for less than a month, they told me no that I'd have to reapply. The only reason why I wanted it open is because it was a hidden tradeline Smiley Mad


Can't speak for the others, however.

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Re: Re-aging question

Just from what I've read here over the last three years, I've never known any bank that will do this. Even American Express wants you to open a new account, and then they apply the original year to it. That's close, but it's not reopening an old closed account. And AmEx is the only bank I know of that will apply that earlier date.


Some banks will allow you to re-open an account that has only been closed for up to a month or so. But many won't even do that.

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