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Recon for chase freedom success!

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Recon for chase freedom success!

So today I got the itch to apply for the Chase Freedom after clicking on and off the app page for about 20 minutes.  I did the application and got the dreaded "account pending further review". I then decided not long after to call the app status number which told me the same thing (I was expecting to get a denial at this point, but it still said pending further review) At which point I got really brave and called the backdoor recon number. On the other end was a very polite young analyst. She told me my card had been declined due to too many inquiries. She asked me why I had so many inquiries, which I had 8+ in the last three months. I explained to her that 7 of those were for an auto loan I was trying to get. She asked if I would like to have her take "another look". Which surprised me greatly due to the fact that most of what I read is the customer initiating the recon, not the analyst. I then explained to her that all my revolving accounts where always paid in full before the end of each month. She then asked me about my employment history, income, and housing obligations. After which I was put on hold for about 5 minutes, which felt like 5 hours. She comes back on the phone and says congrats Mr.. Langchevy let me get everything finalized for you and we will be sending out your card within 5-7 days. I was approved for a $1,000 limit. 


My EQ fico score at the time was 699 not sure what TU was or is. 


My credit history real quick

BBRZMC $700 limit opened 1/1/10 

Cap 1 Classic Platinum $1000 limit opened 12/1/11 

Jareds $1250 limit opened 6/2/12


So at this point I'm pretty excited about the whole thing and plan on using the chase card as my main card and sock drawering the rest. 


Hope you enjoyed my recon story. 

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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!

Congrats! The freedom is a great card. 

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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!

Congrats!!!! Smiley Tongue I don't see the sense in wasting an inq without at least attempting a recon. They can only say no-and they've said that already. What do you have to lose?? Wtg!

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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!



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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!


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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!

Congratulations!! Chase does seem to have a really nice recon staff, I had great service from them today as well. 

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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!

Thanks for all the well wishes guys. I'm new here and wasn't sure how my post was going to be reacted to. I'm glad to see a lot of you are very helpful and contribute to the threads around here in a friendly and professional manner. It's definitely a breathe of fresh air compared to some of the forums I frequent. I will say that I honestly don't think that I would have gotten approved have I not read the many threads and FAQ's around here. I would again like to extend my thanks to this forum and it's members!

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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!

congrats it's nice to see others lurking and using the tools given on this website.  Very nice card to.


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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!

I just got the denial letter yesterday.  It said because I had a bankruptcy.  My bk is over 7 yrs old!Smiley Frustrated   I'll admit I have a high utilization.  so, my question is, If I do a recon, do they just look at the bk?  and can they tell me what my score was?  Thanks for the help.

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Re: Recon for chase freedom success!

Nice card.  Congrats!!!

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