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Regarding CLI's...

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Regarding CLI's...

I've been tempted to apply for another card (or two) in order to roll over some balances to a lower APR card, but can't really afford the inquiries, or much less any denials. I have 3 cards I've been tempted to request CLI's on, but 2 of them are almost completely maxxed and 1 is 1/2 way. I'd be able to pay them down much faster if I could transfer them since the rates I'm about to get hit with are ridic. What do you think the chances are they will honor my request for CLI? What do they usually look for?

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Re: Regarding CLI's...

unlinkely unless you have goood scores and a long history with the lender, any card over 70-80% UTL is considered max, most lenders see that as a major negative and won't give CLI's and may balance chase you as you pay them off, best to pay down quickly and get spending under control once your total UTL is less than 30% and all cards are 70% or less UTL you may try for a new card or a CLI on cards that have low UTL. 



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Re: Regarding CLI's...

Pay off the cards you have cli's are impossible with maxed out CC's.


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Re: Regarding CLI's...

Highly doubt they would grant more credit to you with maxxed out cards, your going to have to pay them down first.

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Re: Regarding CLI's...

Chase granted a credit limit increase when I was about 100 away from the limit. It was a business card though so maybe they are different with those? I know you can not ask what exactly will get you an increase but you should be able to ask a representative if the bank will grant one if you currently have a high balance.

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