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Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

The plan is 5% in all purchases, independent of category. If you find GCs with ~10% discount at one store, it will be 15%.


Target had a prior breach several years ago and some users, including me, may not feel comfortable to apply for that card.

Fico8: EX~EQ~TU~780 (12 month goal~840).
BOA (Custom Cash Rewards, Better Cash Rewards, Premium Rewards), Chase (CFF, CSP, Amazon), US Bank (Cash+, Altitude Go/Connect), Discover, Amex (BCP, HH), Walmart/Cap1, Barclay View.
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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

My main goal is to continue to pay down my utilization. ( Currently at 43%)


Going to continue for Sp CLI on my Amex.   I'll be getting a new car as well as apping for the Marriott Bonvoy next year.  


I'll be moving my cl from my Chase slate to my Sw and then closing that card. As well as closing my Cap 1's, and possibly my Discover.


I'll rotate my daily drivers between my 4 travel cards.

After that I'll be gardening until it's time for a mortgage.

The Marriott Bonvoy will be the last card I get. I'm only interested in travel cards between the 3 I have plus that one assuming my cli increases I'll have everything I need.

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