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Shop with Sam's Club credit card

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Shop with Sam's Club credit card

Just got an email that you can now shop on and pay with your Sam's Club card.  While I have always been able to pay in-store at Walmart with the Sam's Club card, being able to pay online is an added feature for those who would find it useful.  Seems like Sychrony is planning to keep it's fingers in the Walmart pot even after Capital One acquires the Walmart credit card.  Interesting.

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You can now pay at Walmart with Sam's Credit.

So I have both the Walmart Charge Card and the Sam's Charge Card.  You were always able to use your Walmart Card at Sam's, but you couldn't use your Sam's card at Walmart. Yesterday, I got an email saying that I can now pay for my purchases at Walmart using my Sam's Credit card. I guess Syncrony wanted to make sure they didn't lose a lot of money because of losing Walmrt Credit.

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Re: You can now pay at Walmart with Sam's Credit.

LOL! Synchrony stuck it to the Man! (cap1)

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