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Should I Apply?

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Should I Apply?

Hi, guys. I haven't had the time to post much, but I still lurk quite a bit.

If anyone remembers, my mother lost her job due to an accident, which brought me to roughly 1200-to-1400 in debt every month for a while. We've finally reached a point where I'm no longer needing to pay her bills (as we've cut so, so much away), but it has left me with about 1400/3000 to pay for, and the interest is hitting me hard.

Here is my profile:

Chase Freedom (~19 months old): $1,354.74/2000
Chase Slate (~17 months old): $0/1000 (I have a bill that keeps it active, but I PIF before the statement cut-off, so it'll always report as $0)

8 Student Loans in Defferment.

My oldest account is almost 5 years old (a student loan), and my AAoA is about 2 1/2 years. I'm a student, my income is $22k, and my household income (if needed) is $79k, but I don't feel comfortable using that much as it may split some hairs and cause some verification problems, because a student doesn't usually make that much. My scores are:

EX (03/16): 711, 2 inquiries.
TU (02/16): 713, 0 inquiries.
EQ (02/16): 724, 1 inquries.

I was thinking of applying for another card to do a balance transfer. I opted in and found that there are some cards I can app for, and got some prequals--the interest rate isn't the best (both ~19%), but they're both providing a 0% APR balance transfer offer.

• Capital One Quicksilver
• Discover IT

(I was also offered a Citi Diamond Preferred card, but the APR is about as bad as it gets, as well as its offer, so I'm not wanting it right now. I was also offered a Capital One VentureOne, but no BT offer.)

My gut is telling me I should apply for at least one of them, so I can get rid of this interest prison. However, I'm not the type of person to go with my gut, usually, so I'd love some advice.

I've been going around the forums, and some say that if you apply for two COne cards at once, there is a chance of one of the hard inquiries on each bureau get deleted. In that case, it would make sense for me to apply first to Quicksilver (as it offers the BT I'm hoping for, and it's a solid 1.5%), and then VentureOne (I plan on doing a little bit of travelling from now on, and I might be able to fullfill the offer). However, my file is so thin, I'm worried that me applying for two cards at once might split some hairs.

Likewise, I can also just apply for Discover, which might give me less inquiries. But I'm not really sure that having two 5%-category cards is wise, as I can barely push the threshold for one of them.

What do y'all think I should do...? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Should I Apply?

I have also received a pre-qual from Citi, for Thank You Preferred, at a pretty nice APR (~15%) and 18-month 0% APR intro for both purchases and BTs, but I'm worried that they picked my information when l was owing about $200 less. I am also worried that they won't give me enough of a limit to cover the BT (I heard they can be pretty conservative).
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Re: Should I Apply?

Actually, it's a little strange with Citi. I got the letter with my new name (so I know it was within the last month that they checked me), and it was a specific APR, which I hear it's solid, but when I check the pre-qual online, it doesn't show at all. Might there be a reason for it? Do others have this happen to them?
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Re: Should I Apply?

With your scores i think you should be fine getting the QS and if approved no reason not to apply for the Venture right after that

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