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Should I apply for a Helzberg card?

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Should I apply for a Helzberg card?

So, you can read my month long credit saga elsewhere on these boards (just ask if you want the link), but basically, I'm new, 21, engaged, and I just got a discover open road card. Me and my fiancée are trying to build up our credit before buying a house and so I'm trying to be very careful about everything.


I was planning on waiting 6 months to apply for anything else (look at me being a good gardener!), but we're going to look at wedding bands on Saturday. I know when we go into Helzberg (where I got her engagement ring), they'll offer me a credit card. Should I go ahead and apply for it right after I got my discover card so I can have 2 cards reporting? Or should I turn it down and keep gardening?

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Re: Should I apply for a Helzberg card?

Do you need the financing or can you pay with your Discover and PIF? If you aren't going to be able to pay it off, I'd go for the Helzberg card so you can get 0% financing, otherwise I'd garden for ~6 months and then try for another prime cards (that way you don't get a "too many inquiries" denial on your next prime app).

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Re: Should I apply for a Helzberg card?

If Helzberg is offering 0 percent, I'd apply for it.

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Re: Should I apply for a Helzberg card?

Just FYI Helzberg is HSBC. HSBC is impossible to work with and Helzberg sales associates are dirtbags I've dealt with them and was heavily mislead as a young person at 18 years old.


Also, buying jewelry from Mall stores isn't exactly a great place to buy jewelry as a lot of them don't supply recognized certificates like GIA or AGS with their diamonds. They usually have some EIA bullcrap grading standard that noone has ever heard of before and hold no water in terms of value. FYI Never buy a diamond that doesn't come with a verified GIA or AGS certificate. I doubt Helzberg is selling those based on my last encounter with them, however things may have changed.

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Re: Should I apply for a Helzberg card?

I don't need the financing, and the diamond part is done. We just need some inexpensive rings. I just figured some extra total utilization and another eventual anchor for my AAoA would be helpful.

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