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Should I apply to penfed?


Should I apply to penfed?

Im looking to expand my CCs as I have very few. my EQ is 708 of maybe slightly higher by now. My util is 1%, I have only 1 new CC this year about 9 months old; however I have 8 total inqs on EQ which is my concern. 5 are in the last year, but most are stupid: one for rentin, one from comcast, one from AT and T, 1 for chase freedom and 1 for CLI for chase. I know Penfed is very sensitive to inqs, do you think I can get the rewards visa?
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Re: Should I apply to penfed?

You should be OK, if I read your post correctly. PenFed is sensitive to recent new accounts, and you only have one opened 9 months ago, which is hardly recent.

Do you have any baddies?

If I were you, I would apply over the phone, so that if there is a question about the inqs, you can explain then and there. I'm assuming that the Freedom inq was for the 9-month-old card, and the CLI inq for an increase on that card? Comcast, AT&T and a refi hardly make you sound like a wild-eyed credit-seeking maniac. Smiley Happy

If you're worried, you can even call and ask them about this in general, but I don't know if they'd tell you anything more than they'd have to look at the report (= apply) to decide. Good luck!

just notice your siggy and scores: if I may ask, what's with your EQ being so much lower? If there's something on there besides inqs, you'll need to be ready to discuss that.

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Re: Should I apply to penfed?

Hauling is correct, in that, PenFed is sensitive to new accounts rather than INQ's. My suggetion... start a savings account with them and build from there.
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