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Should I continue to app for CCs?

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Re: Should I continue to app for CCs?

Hi I can't believe it either but today I pulled my Fico with myfico Suze Orman and TU was 722, Equifax is still 702 there are 4 real negatives late so I'm still getting turned down and afraid to appy again.  The curious thing is that they were included in BK and on my report it says each card had no lates but negative is 4 delinquencys.  Anyone have any idea if I can get those taken off?   With a chapter 7 BK I'm not going great no matter what the numbers say...but I am looking to the future, we had a business go under which I had borrowed against my 100k credit limits with 3 majors.  Boy, those days are over and I'm actully relieved now paying cash for everything but I will need a car soon so need to start paying attention again. 

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