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Simmons First Platinum Visa

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Simmons First Platinum Visa

I received the above card with a CL of 6500 which they increased to 8500 recently. I like it because it is simple and the rules are a page and a half (yes I am paranoid and dont trust CC companies so i figure the less said by them the better Smiley Tongue


I noticed that credit lines above 10,000 require signatures and a financial statement. Does anyone have this card with a credit line at, or above, the 10,000 level requiring this and if so what does it really entail.


This bank and credit card fascinates me in that it is a throwback to the 1970s in terms of the way it operates and its real and English speaking customer serivce and while I dont expect my CL to reach that level anytme soon I am genuinely curious.


Thanks all 

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