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Starbucks or Coffee Shop code for Amex Gold?

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Re: Starbucks or Coffee Shop code for Amex Gold?

Yes, it can make a difference where the store or kiosk is.

My favored strategy is to always use my Starbucks “gift card” reloaded and linked in my Starbucks account, to buy coffee at Starbucks. You get two stars per dollar, or about 6% earnings on that. If they don’t take the Starbucks card, it’s probably not a Starbucks owned location

The card used to load the Starbucks gift card gets appropriate rewards, whether 4MR on Gold, 5UR on Freedom this quarter through Chase Pay, or in the current Starbucks promotion $20 loaded through Chase Pay up to three times gets you something like 475 Starbucks stars.

That promo calculates out to about a 43% return using Freedom on Chase Pay and then the SBUX card to buy the coffee. AMEX SUB Dining on SPG Lux and Hilton also codes on card reloads. So I haven’t used the Gold card yet at Starbucks since the 4MR came out
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