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Uborrow-Upay wrote:


Ineedcredit21 wrote:
Hello, I'm looking to apply to some store and wanted to know who is easy to get and what credit place they pull? I shop at sams, walmart, target, macys, dillards that's about it. I have one credit card which I open in march of this year, no other credit. I'm a 21 yr old college student. I'm trying to add to my report so I can get more credit cards in the future. Please give advice!


Hi, Ineedcredit21!


I've read your other posts on this same question. 


My advice is to slow down.  Don't app for anything.  Wait at least 6 months, preferably longer.  Let your 6-week-old credit history mature a bit.  The rest will take care of itself if you just give it time.


At age 21, I know 6 months seems like forever, but it's not.  If you continue to app now for anything you can get, you will be stuck with a boatload of low-limit cards (if you can even get them) and inquiries that won't fall off for another 2 years (which, BTW, is four times longer than 6 months).  You will miss out on opportunities for receiving pre-approved offers for decent credit limit bank cards that historically are sent to recent college grads with thin files, but good payment history on just one small CL account.


I've got a couple of nieces just out of college within the last two years.  I gave each of them this same advice.  Niece #1 listened, and now has two bank cards with nice limits for her income, as well as a couple of good store cards.  Niece #2 didn't want to wait, she went to all the stores, did all the apps, did the online bankcard apps, got turned down repeatedly, but finally got a $200 Target card and not much else.  And that's where she's at right now.


Where do you want to be credit-wise when you're out of school? 


Enough said. 







This is the best advice you will ever get. Both of my daughters received offers from Citi while in school. Don't go after the subprimers.


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