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Stuck with Angel

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Re: Stuck with Angel

unusuallyconfused wrote:
I'm going to bite the bullet and order a hoodie or something from VS and then toss it into the Goodwill clothes bin or donate it to the local shelter. 


I curse you Victoria's Secret. Yeah, Victoria's "secret" is that guys are forced to buy silk underwear in a vain attempt to rebuild credit. I fee like Al Bundy right now.

LOL! Don't you have a lady friend or a sister or a mother? Not everything at VS is uber-sexy. I once got a completely mundane terrycloth robe there. And you could make a trek to BB&B to buy a birthday present for Mom. Lots of possibilities.


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Re: Stuck with Angel

Quick search for "men's" brought up a few options....'s&q1=beauty&x1=Category

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Re: Stuck with Angel

I can also attest to being able to use the Angel Card in store at Bath and Body Works. You still get the points, too.


I'm a guy as well and have no GF to buy underwear for so I'll stick with my favorite Aromatherapy products at BBW...kinda sucks you can't use it online though since the website sometimes have better deals and fragrances they don't carry in-store anymore.

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