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Student Credit Card denied

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Re: Student Credit Card denied

angelclaudio wrote:

So with AMEX she won't get the AAoA, but she will start getting credit history for using the card from there on out suppose if it was an AMEX is this correct? That is amazing how on another credit card you all of sudden get 16 years of history, seems a bit like cheating lol.

Yeah she will begin building history but not get the whole history. . Amex also has one of the best AU systems out there. AUs can get their own online access to track their purchases and the primary cardholder can also impose spending limits on the AUs cards to keep them from causing too much trouble. 

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Re: Student Credit Card denied

With an amex you can also give her a spending limit. Its very cool. She will only be able to spend the amount that you preset.

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Re: Student Credit Card denied

Guys thanks for the great advise.


I think I will put her down as my AU on my Capital One card as we already did two inquires with Capital One and dont want to do anymore hard pulls for her report.





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Re: Student Credit Card denied

AU is the way to go.


Real quick.  What cards do you have available to add her on as AU?  Please list Card, open date, limit, typical balance on card, and any negatives (late pay etc.).   If you list them out, I can tell you the bet subset and next steps for helping her get credit.


Also, will she be earning any income as student (part time job, scholarships and grants, set monthly money from parents etc.)?

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Re: Student Credit Card denied

First post here, so hello!

It makes perfect sense that amex doesn't give an AU the entire credit history as the primary since this could be extremely abused. Say you add yourself as an AU to a 30 year old amex account and get the entire credit history. What happens if you open a new card and backdate it to the member since date? I'm assuming (and could be wrong) it would go off the 30 year old date and that's why amex is different because of this.
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Re: Student Credit Card denied

Amex used to backdate AU accounts to the original accounts date but doesnt anymore.
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Re: Student Credit Card denied

These are following cards I have


Amex Blue


Balance - 4500 (This will be paid in full next month)

Open Date - 2008

No lates or negatives


Cap One Venture


Balance - 2500

Open Date 2011

No lates

No lates or negatives


Cap One


Balance -2000

Open Date - 2011

No lates

No lates or negatives


She will be working partime and no scholarship or grant.


I was thinking of adding her to my Amex and then puttting a limit on her card as you cant do that with Cap One?


Any thoughts.




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Re: Student Credit Card denied

Correct me if im wrong:

I don't know about placing a limit on her card as it could reflect the cap on her report.

Amex looks nice as she will get her member since date.
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Re: Student Credit Card denied

Now once he removes her as an AU - say in 4 years when she's got her own cards and is out in the real world by herself - will they totally remove that info on her CRA though? Is the reporting benefit really only worth it as long as she's an AU or will it last on her report for years (thus boosting her well beyond college)?



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Re: Student Credit Card denied

I have an 18 yr old daughter starting college next week.    In Jan 2012, I added her as an authorized user on my Walmart Card 2.4K limit


She applied for 2 unsecured student cards in July 2012..   Cap One Journey and was approved for 300 cl and a student Discover with a 500 cl


She has no other credit history,  had to send enrollment letter for Discover approval.  Nothing for Cap One.


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