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Synovus CC (for those not in geo area but applied in branch)

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Re: Synovus CC (for those not in geo area but applied in branch)

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... CD (minimum 1k - not bad) ...

Hmm. When I went to  check it out it said minimum of $10,000. Looked on the app & under AMOUNT is showed minimum of $10,000. Maybe I did it wrong?


Anyways, I had a thought (and if you succeed as GP with your strategy I might try it):


 * what if one opened the CD;

 * waited an indeterminite (hopefully not very long) time until a CC or checking account could be gotten;

 * surrendered the CD & took the (presumably very small) early redemption penalty?


Should work, no?

Right, it looks like online, with the "special" rate, requires $10K.   For normal CD, which presumably requires branch, min is $1K


Note:  "Penalty for early withdrawal. Withdrawals of principal are not permitted within the first 60 days of initial transfer of funds"

So even with penalties, you cannot withdraw at all for 60 days.



Yes my mistake, it is 10k min to be able to open the CD ONLINE. I am still thinking about it.....

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