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Target Authorized User Question...

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Target Authorized User Question...

My wife has had a target card for quite a few years without any late payments so I had her add me as an authorized user in order to get the account on my CR. Here is what confuses me though. She said they didn't ask for any information other than my name, which they got wrong on the card and she had to request a new corrected card. So they don't have my address, since the one they have on file for her is her parents address, and they don't have my SS# or date of birth. How in the world can they update my credit report with such limited information?

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Re: Target Authorized User Question...

I'm not sure but they do.


My mom is an AU on 3 of my cards and none of them required her SSN, just her name. And all of them have popped up on her CR.


I've heard they do it by address, but we don't live at the same address and haven't for over 6 years, so I really don't know.

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