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Target Red Card CLI?

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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

since mine is so new, will it matter age-wise?  I don't want a bunch of tiny limit cards though!  My current ones are $200 Target store, $500 Sears store, $700 Discover, $1250 Capital 1, $2,500 BofA (husbands), $5000 AMEX AAdvantage, $7,500 Chase Visa .... any advice for me?
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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

Age is age. CL does not factor.

Your account already exists so it will exist with the CRA for 10 years even if you cancel it with Target today.

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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

*well poop*

thank for the info folks!

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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

My card started at $200, then after six months went up to $500 and six months later I got an upgrade to a Target Visa and a $1,000 CL and its been there ever since. If you haven't already, don't waste the inquiry! Target's not worth it...

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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

It looks to me like most people start with an initial CL of $200 and thereafter it's a crap shoot. But what if you start with a limit of $300? My bf just got the store card on Sunday with that limit - if you start at $300 is it like you're in a different tier or something (like Best Buy's plan A vs plan B)?

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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

I was approved for a $200 Target Red Card at the register when I applied, I spent $185.00 that day and they charged it to my card, I was planning on paying cash for it that day and did not know I would be applying, anyway I immediately went to customer service and paid the $185.00 of that was just charged to it. A week or so later I charged a few bucks on the card and paid it off about a week later. By the time I got my first statement they increased me to $500.  However, it took about a 14 months before they would give me a second increase even though I spend alot at target during the year using my card and with perfect payments.  Once they decided to increase they upp'd me to $1,000.  I have been with them now for almost 2 years and hoping they will up me again soon.

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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

I started with a $200 limit. About 3 months later increased to $500. Sat there until the card was almost 3 years old. Then a big group of us got bumped up right around the holidays time to $1000.  I think they were trying to encourage holiday spending.  Mine is still the store version not the Visa and CL is currently the $1000. I could care less what the CL is. It doesn't hurt your score to have the limit low and I think under manual review most lenders know that store cards generally will have a lower limit than a major CC.
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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

So, when you check out at Target and get asked if you want to sign up for the Red Card, are you essentially pre-approved or do they just offer it to everyone?
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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

I got a my Target card with 200 cl and was bumped to 500 cl at 3 months .
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Re: Target Red Card CLI?

Every time I type this I think about how it looks -- Target Visa is my highest limit, Amex Delta is my lowest...


Opened a Red Card in 02 w/ a 200 limit.  About 2 (or three?) years later they took it to a visa w/ a 1k limit.  It sat there until Feb of 08 and VOILA, auto-cli to 5k.  This past October they auto-cli'd me to 7k.


Sure the IR is nasty, tho the Visa DOES have a luv button -- but I can't complain.  I really do like those 10% coupons.

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