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Tested my GE Holiday theory with Lowe's CLI!

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Re: Tested my GE Holiday theory with Lowe's CLI!

I worked for a credit card company and they look at it like this... Well some do some don't .... GE is very good to you if your good to them.  They see it like this they give you a 300.00 limit. Your not happy and need to buy somthing. More then lickly you will not use the 300.00 often or at all. But if we raise your limit then you will use and it often, and of course we get are money in interest. The approval process online is quick and they don't really look at your credit in detail. When you call they pull it up and more then lickly will raise your limit.  GE stays true to it's customers. Which is nice. Many banks are not like this. I now i Had a chase card for over a year, never late or over limit. And one day they just closed it. Random. I called them and they said. They have the right to do so. Ok.....


I Have

Amazon : 600

Care Credit: 1000

Walmart: 300

Paypal smart connect: 300

I had American Eagle but closed it and Macy's closed it also. I hate 100 credit limits. They do nothing for you. Specially when they don't raise the cl. AE and Macy's for over 3 years and never raised my limit from a 100.00 I have no idea why. So I closed them.

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Re: Tested my GE Holiday theory with Lowe's CLI!

Lickly???? You mean likely right....LOL

Did you ever try for a CLI before you closed the accounts? I mean you had Macy's which was a good CC that should have increased over time. I know a 100 limit isn't a lot to work with but I don't think it was wise to close them. If a CC isn't costing you an AF then leave it open. Next time you question one of your accounts about a CLI, look for the bacdoor number in the stickies and call them first. It looks like you're in the building phase so really consider all of your options before closing CC's in the future. BTW, what are your scores? Do you have any baddies?

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