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Total Credit Exposure Question

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Re: Total Credit Exposure Question

@Kforce wrote:

@longtimelurker wrote:

Unless you have the organic spend to justify it, there is a cost to setting goals such as "TCL of $X"   First of all the time spent managing, and then the small but continual cost of putting little charges periodically on a number of cards, getting subpar rewards in most cases.    But on the upside, once  you achieve the goal you get, well, may be the fun of the chase!


As others have said, with well-chosen issuers, those that give fairly high CLs and don't mind a lot of neglect, you can reach the goal without too much backward movement.  Go all out with say Sync, and while you may do very well for a while, it can come crashing back as quickly.

^^^ This

An excessive number of cards and higher than needed CL's have a cost and many, dare I say most would be better off chasing other things. Dozens of CC's and 1M in CL's don't really mean much.  Investments, income, properties, etc should be financial goals not CL's.  As with all things, a few with really high spend need extremely high limits, however most are just chasing something because it is there. 


I have a gif that would summarize to perfection how I feel about this post but I don't want to read PMs from moderator(s). 

Tis a good one 

"To The Left" ~ Gandhi
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