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TransUnion Help


TransUnion Help

Hello Everybody I Have a Couple Things I Wanted To Know About Credit I Have 10 Inqs On TU Dates from 1/26 1/32 AT&T And Verizon and I wanted to know if I call them can I have them take off the Inq and my score is 633 grade D is that bad? have 6 credit cards
Only Been on credit since 9 months only 18

Cap 1 $500
Cap1 $300
Bofa $300
Macy's $300
Daniels $560
Express $150
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Re: TransUnion Help

First off all welcome to the forums. I hope you find this forum helpful and. Rewarding your question if you apply in 10 places you give them the authorization to check you credit report which mean there's no fraud or anything that u can tell to transunion or to them they have an authorization to do it.... In the other hand if it was fraud or something else happen they might be able to help you out
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