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US Bank cherrypicking customers for Cash+

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Re: US Bank cherrypicking customers for Cash+

Have no banking relationship with them, just the Cash+

Pushing the limit this month, will report back if

my account is changed.

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Re: US Bank cherrypicking customers for Cash+

US Bank is the worst bank I've ever dealt with in my entire life.


1. Customer service just blows my mind, seems like everyone i talk to is having a bad day

2. Doesn't matter what time of the day i call, it's always a 15 minute wait to talk to someone

2. Filled out the pre-qual boxes and got three CCs with a set APR.  I picked up the Cash+ with a $100 bonus after spending $500 in 90 days.  I started to meet the spending and decided to call and make sure the offer was in my account.  Well, to my surprise, it wasn't. They told me to send in screen shots (which i did) and still a no. Complaint with CFPB and they said that offer is for targeted audience...ok, so why is it on the website for everyone to apply?


Really bad bank, i think they leave that offer up there for people to join so US Bank makes money on new accounts, then they deny the offers hoping the customer will forget about it and stay.  It's not even about the $100 anymore, but the principle.  I don't like it when Banks (or anyone for that matter) takes advantage of people or lies about things.  I will be closing my accounts with US Bank as soon as my $29 payment clears.

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Re: US Bank cherrypicking customers for Cash+

I am always surprised that ALL banks don't do this!   Basically, as an issuer I need to know that you are profitable over a period of time, or at least have the potential to be profitable (using some big data prediction method).   If you have the card for X years and show consistent usage of just the five % categories (and perhaps increasing usage of that), it's really my duty to my shareholders to dump you.....    I would have to make sure that I don't do this disproportionally to protected groups, but.....


That said, I have 2 Cash + for about 5 years, and have only used them for 5%, including in the heady uncapped bill pay days.

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