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USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

idk but i like NFCU better anyways the only perk to USAA is that u get online faster and there Website is a little better.

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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

Jonbuck06 wrote:

exactly the cards were only open 1 day.

Have you asked to speak w/a supervisor? Or calling their executive office? Someone here had posted because they were approved for a CC, which was supposed to only be avail for full members, and they were a ltd member. But they were logged into their acct and apped and were approved. They contacted executive offices and I believe they got some results.


Not sure if it would help, but at the very least they owe you an explanation.


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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

Wow.  I really think it is worthwhile to look into this further.  I haven't heard of USAA acting so aribtrary.  Just wondering if something is showing up in your file that you aren't aware of.

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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

I would call them and ask them why... They will tell you.


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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

DonGonzalo wrote:

Jonbuck06 wrote:

Im in the Air Force.

Ah ok. I wonder why they did that. They have been really good to me. Sorry 

They have been pretty good to me too. Apart from the measley $4k CL that I have but great customer service.


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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

I've read about them cancelling the accounts of people with BKs. Digging through the agreement and see what their restrictions are might give a clue.

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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

I closed all my accounts with USAA, and switched to NFCU! Something is going on at USAA. 

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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

This doesn't sound good, I just call joined USAA Smiley Frustrated


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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

Sorry this happened to the OP, but something about this sounds strange. Ive banked with them for 3 yrs, not 1 issue. Same goes for my gf, her parents(over 30 yrs). NFCU offers good products, but their customer service has much to be desired as a whole.

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Re: USAA Sucks.... NFCU Rocks!

something is not right and you def cannot let this go. despite nfcu hooking you up you need to look into this further or are you not telling us the whole story. they softed you and they didnt see something they like. have you been on apps gone wild sprees lately? especially with you being active military (which thank you for your service) they dont just say hmmmmmmm lets just cancel jonny buck 06 account today and then tell you we did it cause we felt like it. someone somewhere has the answer for you and i wouldnt stop blowing up their phones until i had some closure why they did it

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