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USAA is not open to everyone anymore

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Re: USAA is not open to everyone anymore

RemyWinchester wrote:

I really like USAA and always have. But they truly baffle me sometimes. In the last three years they have gone completely over-board on national advertising with the campaign of "committed to serving active duty and veterans" but in reality they opened up to anyone. As a result they had to out-source their customer service. 


Another aspect if you're interested is to look up the campaign contributions USAA makes and especially what they did prior to the 2012 elections.  So instead of increasing interest rates on deposits, or lowering interest rates on loans, USAA spends a fortune on advertising and campaign contributions, but hey, at least I get USAA magazine monthly!


If Navy doesn't continue or doesn't keep a tight leash on membership control they will become just like USAA. 



Roomates is a tight leash?


USAA lets in those who have honorably served.


Navy would have to significantly change policies, tighten lending policies, and allow those with service-connected disabilities to catch up with USAA.


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Re: USAA is not open to everyone anymore

Ron1 wrote:

Join USAA by clicking American I don't know if it is going to work.







This does not allow you to join USAA through the American Legion.  If you open an account with USAA they will contribute money to the American Legion.

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Re: USAA is not open to everyone anymore

damn...i missed this one Smiley Sad

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Re: USAA is not open to everyone anymore

Just want to clearify what a full member is.


A full member is somebody who is active duty, or has honorably served.


A family member can become a full member if the sponsor has an insurance product. Being a child of somebody who has served does not make you a full member. That parent must have had an insurance product and USAA must verify. If the parent does not want to switch their policies to grant the child full membership. They can simply and cheaply get coverage for personal property.

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Re: USAA is not open to everyone anymore

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