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Understanding Kay's CC Approval Process

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Understanding Kay's CC Approval Process

So, in August of last year w/a EQ score of 661 I applied for a Kay cc, they pulled my Exp report.  I only had 2 collections at the time & one paid judgement showing.  I was approved for a $1500 cl.  Now, today I did an app for dh, his EXP score is 609 as well as his EQ.  He has 2 collections showing that are paid & 4-5 unpaid judgments but he got a cl of $3000.  I'm trying to understand how they determine how much of a CL they will give you.  I'm wondering if it has anything to do w/the amount you put for mothly income you bring in b/c what I put down for his was higher than what I put on my app if I can recall.  Any thoughts?

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Re: Understanding Kay's CC Approval Process

I was approved for 3k when I had a currently open ch 13.  I also applied for all the cards the company has for the other store and on the 3rd app the credit underwriter got the fact my bk was still opened and quickly closed all 3 cards.

Fast forward 2 years and I had my ch 13 dismissed and I applied and I was only given 1500.

I called and talked to them and they said it was my util was higher then the first approval.

oh well i have never even used it.

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Re: Understanding Kay's CC Approval Process

My orginal CL was $1500,  but every Oct I get at least a 1k Auto CLI....I buy myself something nice for Christmas and pay it off in about 10 months.  From what I can tell they are good about CLI, and I don't ever come close to maxing it out.  

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