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Using AMEX Pre-Paid


Using AMEX Pre-Paid

Hello again


I had previously asked about some new cards I could possibly apply for, and one of them that came up was the AMEX Zync.


As I was looking around their site I saw a little advertisement for the Pre-Paid and it said this:

"Your American Express® Prepaid Card can help you build a history with American Express through Make Your Move. All you need to do is load and use your Prepaid Card regularly and you may be invited to apply for an American Express Charge Card.


You are automatically enrolled in this benefit if you have an American Express Prepaid Card. Simply load and use your Prepaid Card regularly and if you are eligible, we will reach out to you by e-mail to invite you to apply for a Charge Card. We require a minimum of six months to evaluate your eligibility before we would invite you to apply for the Charge Card. Please note, there is no guarantee that you will be invited to apply for a Charge Card"


I was wondering if you guys thought this would be worth it. The earliest I could get the file review would be in February so that means I won’t have a backdated history for 2012, unless this card allows it which I highly doubt.


My info:


-I have had my wells fargo student card for 6 months now ($1000.00 limit) <---This would then be a year old

-I have paid off in full each month

-My utilization is ~16% <-- Main reason I want to wait is to get this below 10%

-Income is $7200 (Student)



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Re: Using AMEX Pre-Paid

Pre-paid might do something for you since you're unquestionably building; however, it doesn't backdate, and you're right in the demographic credit-wise that the Zync was designed for from a product marketing perspective.


From where you're at, you're better off just applying for the Zync directly I think.  Maybe if you can't get an approval by December, then a pre-paid route makes more sense but there's no guaruntee on it, and as a disclaimer, the people who have gotten emailed offers, presumably from this card, were way overqualified for the Amex charge cards anyway at that time, so we're not really certain on the MYM program regardless.

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