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WFNNB Preapproval, how long til CL on your reports?


WFNNB Preapproval, how long til CL on your reports?

I've been in building credit from nothing for the past 3 years and am about a week away from apping in the first time in 2 years (for prime cards finally).  


I was browsing some online shops (vacation coming up) and I got a preapproval from WFNNB for victoria's secret in the amount of $750.  Currently that would be a big increase of available credit and help with utilization, especially if it's just a soft pull, HOWEVER, I know any new account is going to royally screw up my AAoA. (2.6 years with only 3 cards presently open).  I wanted to app for 2-4 prime cards and be done with it for awhile so everything can age together.  How long would it take the WFNNB to report the credit line to my reports?  I dont want to be shortsighted for some immediate gratification, especially after waiting 2 years and jeopardize getting prime cards.

Zync NPSL, BCP ($2000), Chase United ($2000) Chase Amazon ($1500), Chase Freedom ($3000), Discover More ($2000), Paypal Extras ($5000), Citi Forward ($2000), Orchard $2000, Amazon ($5000)
Pre-App Scores: TU98 779, TU04 797, EQ 682, EX 788 (Amex) 8/12
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