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Walmart FICO Score

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Walmart FICO Score

I have a credit freeze on my three CBs. I had no problem getting my free monthly FICO score from walmart, until walmart sent me a new "replacement"card. Let me explain this replacement card: Walmart originally said they sent me a card, which first, I did not received, so I reported it lost. Walmart then sent out this replacement for this "replacement" card to me, which I receved (btw Walmart automatically doubled my CL); I then tried to access my account online (thinling it would be automatic continuation of my old account on their website), but found out I have to re-register this new account for online bill payment & free FICO etc. I did all that and now, because I have a credit freeze on my TU, I got a msg, when I request my CS through Walmart, that b/c of the freeze they cannot access my CR---and that I need to unfreeze the CR. I called Walmart for help, got someone from India. After explaing the problems nearly 6 times, they still did not understand my plight. I just hung up in disappointment.


Question: Isn't existing creditor(s) able to bypass this freeze and pull report if you're an existing account holder? Is there something that I can do to avoid unfreezing my account (thus avoiding paying that $10 to TU to refreeze)? Has anyone here had any similiar experience and what did/could be done.

Like I said, with the freeze in place, I was getting my monhly CS without any problem, so I really don't know.

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