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Walmart card and TU FICO question.

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Walmart card and TU FICO question.

I hear a lot of posters on these boards comment about the Walmart card and free TU fico scores every month. Sorry to sound so uninformed but is this a true TU FICO or is it one of those FAKO scores that uses an alternative scoring system. I would love to have the free TU score every month. I shop at Wallyworld every week and my wife and I rack up between 60-100 dollars every time we shop for our family. I'm just wondering if it's worth the hard pull and possibly the toy limit that I will get. Also, I'm not sure if I'll get approved as I'm only 1 year out of bk7 with lots of inquiries on TU, personal income is at around 80,000 and credit scores in the 660-680 range. Utilization is at 6%. I'm supposed to be gardening till next year....grrrrrrr. It looks like theres a special promo on right now also where you can get 18 months of interest free financing on purchases over 400 dollars. The offer ends Nov. 30th. I've looked on all of the credit pulls databases and people with similar scores than me and have a bk7 on their record have gotten small initial credit limits. Don't know what I should do....I'm going there tonight to do some late night grocery shopping. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks everyone.

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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

Yup, it's the real deal!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

So against my better judgement, I went and applied for the card before I went to go buy groceries in the electronics department. I made up some bogus story to the cashier that I wanted to buy a TV and wanted to take advantage of the 0% for 18 months promotion. About two-thirds of the way through the application process, I began to have doubts as to whether this a was a good idea and if it was worth it with the inquiry on my report if I got declined; all for a free TU score every month. To make matters worse, a line was forming behind me and was about 7 people deep. This would be an epic fail if I got declined. I heard a gentleman in the back mumble something about how he got declined a few weeks ago for one when he tried to buy a laptop and I immediately started sweating for some reason. When the receipt popped out the cashier had a weird look on his face and I thought to myself, oh great I'm gonna hear I got denied in front of a bunch of people. Then I heard him say that I got approved and showed me the receipt and provided me with some pamphlets and mentioned something about how the temporary limit could only be used at this store and was only good for 2 days. I walked away as quick as could to see what kind of ridiculous toy limit I got approved for. When I looked at the receipt my eyes only saw a 100 and I thought... what the hell did I just do. But upon closer inspection, there was a 2 in front of the 100 and the credit limit was $2100!!!! I nearly soiled myself. I wonder if I can recon a higher limit in the morning. That is the strangest number I've ever been approved for. I'm wondering if the fact that I told the cashier the bogus story of how I wanted to buy a 1900 dollar tv played a part in the credit limit. Oh well, I'll take it. This is my first GE card. I'm still in shock.

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Congratulations! I know how you felt. Been in the same si...

Congratulations! I know how you felt. Been in the same situation b4. Good that you pulled through.

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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

Congrats, GE grows with you so it'll get up there in no time.


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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

Not a bad starting limit!!!!   Congrats!

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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

Did it say whether you got the WM store card or the Discover?? YMMV but people who get approved for 2K and above have a good shot at the discover.

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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.


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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

Yes, you can recon for a higher credit limit. I did, went from 1,300 to 10,000.

See my thread:
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Re: Walmart card and TU FICO question.

Congrats on the limit! Very nice and shocking indeed Smiley Happy

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