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We need your help before we send documents

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Re: We need your help before we send documents

RichRaven wrote:
Is there anyone that could answer my previous post question?

If the card has a year of history, as soon as it reports for her, she won't have to wait six months.  She will inherit the full history of the card and will instantly have a year of history.  She would be able to get a score right away.
I would call BofA and ask them if they are reporting for her.  If not, request that they do.


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Re: We need your help before we send documents

I just called BofA's backdoor number and they said they would submit a request to have her added and it could take up to 30 days to report. When I added her last month online they asked for her ss number and I thought this would be done automatically. Does anyone have a simular situation and why do you think she wasn't reported to begin with since my history with them has been nearly a year?

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