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Wells Fargo Car Rental Benefit - New Primary Coverage?

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Wells Fargo Car Rental Benefit - New Primary Coverage?

I received an interesting email from WF last week informing me of this year's changes to my Cash Wise card benefits.


One of them is notable (taken from Notice of Guide to Benefits document):


"How Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver Works With Other Insurance: Clarified coverage for auto rentals made outside the country.

If you are renting outside of your country of residence, the coverage provided under this benefit is primary and reimburses you for covered theft, damage, or administrative and loss-of-use charges imposed by the rental company, as well as reasonable towing charges that occur while you are responsible for the vehicle."


If it weren't for the FTF on this card, I might give it a shot next time I rent a car abroad. I wonder if WF's other cards received this benefit as well. Could make app'ing for another one of their cards worthwhile. It might save me $15 each trip not having to use the premium Amex rental insurance, but then again I did have to file a claim last time I traveled. I'd rather pay a small fee if it means less headaches dealing with the insurance company in the event of an accident.


Does anyone have experience using primary rental protection with Wells Fargo? How do they handle claims compared to other issuers?


Any experience would be appreciated, thanks!


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