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Wells Fargo Propel - owners beware of rewards earning issues

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Wells Fargo Propel - owners beware of rewards earning issues

If this is a known issue, forgive the repeat but I could not find this in the forum.  


There apparently is a known issue with the 3x categories.  For me specifically it has been the hotels category.  I am not getting the additional 2x that accompanies the 1x purchase.  I waited for a statement to cut and a few days and nothing.   And then earnings from the whole statement hit my balance so I knew something was wrong.  


I called WF and went through a pretty drawn out process of submitting a claim for the missing points.  


The agent, was friendly but embarrassingly not that good at her job.  I'll explain that at the end.  it's really annoying so I'll put that after the main point.  


She said that there's a known issue with how the merchant codes to AMEX and then AMEX sends the data to WF.  I'm not sure that's the actual problem because of how goofy the agent was but I guess I could believe it.... I stayed at some budget hotels - Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Comfort Inn, Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn.  Pretty much put my lower spend on the card since I got such a crummy SL and I do not trust WF overall.   It's good I did because yeah they screwed up.  All of those hotels show up as 'lodging' on my statement.  My guess is that they have a lodging category and that their IT team programmed the bonus category as "hotel" so their system is not picking up the transactions for 3x points.  


I was told 7-10 business days for a resolution or callback.  I might get a call back from a manager saying they need more time.  

What is crazy is that if it is truly a 'known issue' why is there no proactive messaging?  Are they planning on going backwards once this is resolved and awarding points to customers who did not complain?  

Are they going to go vintage WF and just say, 'sorry we only give bonuses on Hotels but you purchased Lodging so you get jack s***"???


For other card members that use this card for hotels and anyone that goes hard for points and miles beware of missing points.  

It's your time, but for me it's worth looking at my points statements and making the call.  Next time I might just try a Twitter or chat session....whatever WF makes available but my long game is to save all these points and then try for the VISA Signature in June 2020 in order to get some paid economy fares with the 1.5x lift on airfare redemptions.  Every point counts for the long term strategy, but it's long term so I have time to let WF get their act together.  I realize there are other members out there that probably want their points pronto so here's the heads up.  


Good luck


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Re: Wells Fargo Propel - owners beware of rewards earning issues

I'm sorry you've had this issue. 


I stay exclusively at low-price hotels and for the last year or so I've only used my Propel and everything has worked as advertised.  Hopefully they'll get things worked out for you quickly.


I agree that we should all keep an eye how our points are credited... I actually keep a close watch on all of my rewards cards.

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Re: Wells Fargo Propel - owners beware of rewards earning issues

Yup, my 56usd stay at Athena inn got me 3x points.

It's a cheap motel, but the shower is 5 star hotel level for some reason, lol.
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Re: Wells Fargo Propel - owners beware of rewards earning issues

I've had a similar issue recently. I lodged at an America's Best Inn last month in Ft. Collins for 2 nights and my 2x points weren't credited to my account. I did call and they said the same thing (that it was a known issue). On the 9th business day, they did call me back and resolve it by adding the missing 2x points.

So, all in all, track your points. I had the exact same issue as the OP (except my CSR seemed a bit more competent). Good news is that is was corrected.

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