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What about less than 1% util?

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Re: What about less than 1% util?

Moobs wrote:
That is great info to know! Especially for me while I'm on my quest to get below 10%. Now I know that I don't just need to get below 10%, I need to get below 9%. I probably would have bought all new reports as soon as I got to 9.2% but now I know different. I love this place! :

Moobs, I'm not sure that they round up for all figures, only if you're below 1%. As I recall, other util figures get rounded normally.

I certainly wouldn't swear to it though. And sometimes I've had bizarre utils displayed that I can't begin to figure out how they reached. This happens especially on TU.
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Re: What about less than 1% util?

It didn't take long at all.  I only had 1 balance to consider.  Smiley Very Happy
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Re: What about less than 1% util?

Does anyone think you would get extra points for being at say 1% instead of 3% or does it not make a difference as long as it is between 1%-9%?
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