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What do I qualify for?

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What do I qualify for?

What prime CC do I qualify for with my current scores listed below.  Looking to improve my utilization with preferably a higher end or name rewards card.  Scores are listed below.
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Re: What do I qualify for?

If you don't have any recent baddies you'll get most everybody since your scores are decent, but I'd go to the BofA preapproval site and try them first, Chase, Citicard, PenFed CU( I'd do them second,just have to join the NMFA for $25 and can do it right on their web page), you're borderline AMEX.

Go to and put in your state. It will give you a good idea of what report they pulled and what kind of score got them a card and CL

Good Luck


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Re: What do I qualify for?

Agree with jax, except for the "borderline with amex" part --that EXP score will get you just about anything, including a Blue, with no trouble.

If you want PenFed (EQ) and AmEx (EX), I'd do them first, as both get twitchy when they see lots of new account activity. And then don't go ape with more new cards (some are OK) and keep balances down, because both will soft you a month after approval to see what you're up to. In my experience, though, they aren't bothered by seeing new cards as long as you're handling them very well, as in util under 10%, if you have any at all.
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