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When to apply - after obtaining a mortgage

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When to apply - after obtaining a mortgage

Never had a mortgage before, still don't for that matter, but will hopefully have one in the next couple of months.
I currently have 3 credit cards, one major and two credit cards. The major has a limit of $5k and the other two are around $300 each.
How long should I wait until after I get a mortgage to start applying for credit cards?? I don't want to do it too soon or wait longer than I have to (so my history can start building up).
Thanks for any insight!
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Re: When to apply - after obtaining a mortgage

id say at least 6mos. that give s you time to adjust to your new home and get consistency bc bills you pay in an apartment are definetly different from a house payment water bill lawn up keep and the list goes on not to mention unexpected repairs so good luck Oh i forgot also you already have plenty to start you out just establish them!!! and if you cant wait that long at least 90days !!! Most try to do everything as soon as the loan closes! You dont want to be in your new house overwelmed with bills! and debt a mortgage is a big enough debt!

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