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Your first $10,000+ Limit?

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

My second cc was the Amex Blue in like 2005ish. It started at $1000 and within like a year it was auto increased to $16000 (I didn't know about asking for increases back then.) Also, what was Amex thinking? I was a college student with annual income of $18000. It was a different time then
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

Do you use BECU as your Primary bank for Checking and Savings? I just switched and I’m thinking about applying for the CBV but not sure.

Also, can you pay the BECU CBV via autopay from an external account?
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

I just got approved 6/1/19 for AmEx BCE with 10k SL I almost passed out when I saw that! 17 months into credit rebuild... I never had bankruptcy but I had bad credit most of my adult life, and now it seems on on the right track. Good luck

AmEx BCE 20k
BBVA visa 10k
Synchrony 2% MC 9.3k
LLBean Citi MC 6k
PNC points signature visa 15k
CapOne QS1. 1.65k
Citi DC. 4.375k
Discover it. 3.55k
Am Ex Gold
Kohl’s. $3k
Amazon Store. 10k
Overstock. 13.6k
Boscovs. 14k
Best Buy S.C. 2.8k
Home Depot 2k
Total CL. 132,500k
PNC personal loan 7500 down to 6200
oldest credit 3yr 2 months , newest 1/2020!
* 3% card utilization 

As of 11/1/18

As of 11/1/19
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As of 11/1/20
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

I have yet to get a card out of the box with 10k, but my first card that ended up over 10k was Miss Discover and that card didn't really take all that long...  My second card that ended up over 10K was Amex, but I got a counteroffer for the 3x thing.. My first card over 5k was Chase but none of my other chase cards has grown, or gone anywhere since obtaining them.. Biggest surprise was an autocli from Citi that brings the card just shy of 10k... 


Usually most of my cards need to be manually watered and fed to get up to 10k or more



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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

Discover was my first (so far) 10k sl. next highest was 8500. AAOA 3 yrs. uti- <9%. dti- <30%. fico8's 680's across all bureaus. 

Amazon Prime Card 5000
AMEX 1000
AMEX Hilton Honors Ascend 3000
PayPal Credit 4500
BBVA Compass CP 5900
CheapoAir Visa 2500
Care Credit 15000
Discover IT CashBack 13,000
NFCU Cash Rewards 9000
NFCU Platinum 10,000
Cap1 Quicksilver 1100
VS VIP Card 2350
Kohl's Charge 3000
SamsClub 8000
NFCU Auto Loan 22k.
Starting Score 5/2017: 526
Current Score: 704
Goal Score: 780

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

Just got Mine last week and came from BBVA Compass Bank (10,600). Applied last month for the CSP and only got approved for 5,000. Before that, I only had 2,800 across 3 cards.

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

I had a really thin profile when I got my first 10K limit.   I had a Cap One secured Platnimum $500 CL, a Cap One QS with a $5,300 limit, and was AU on a Lowe's card with a $8900 CL.   I had 2 - 120 day lates, and 2 - 30 Day lates on each report at the time. 


In Feb 18  went on a mini spree and one of the cards I apped for was a Disco and I got a $11,500 limit.   I was shocked at that CL.   In that spree I also got a Amazon Prime Visa/$8500 CL, Citi DC $7900 CL and BCE/$6000.  If I remember correctly the Disco was the 2nd card I apped for after the Chase Amazon card. 


In Feb 19 I went on another mini spree by this time the 120 days lates have dropped from my CR.   I piced up Uber Visa/$10K CL, US Bank Cash+ $20K CL,  and Ducks Unlimited Visa / $5700 CL.   I was really shocked by the US Bank CL after hearing about how very well qualified people were getting $500 limits.


I also added a new auto loan in Feb 19.  And in March I found myself in need of a 0% offer so I apped for a Amex Cash Magnet.   I was approved but only for a $2000 limit.  From that approval I can say I think for at least a year I have all the credit I am going to get. Luckly I was able to move limit form my BCE to the Cash Manget to be able to do what I needed with the 0% offer.


Honestly I can't explain the Disco or the US Bank starting limits.   I never would have thought I would get SL like that. 

FICO 8 Starting Score

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Garden Goal is All Reports Clean – Achieved 11/26/20

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

My CSR was the first SL over 10k+ at $ 14.6k. Followed by Bonvoy at $ 23,200 and most recently AMEX CM at $ 24,500 SL.


All my other cards that are over 10k were via CLI

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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

I guess if we're counting highest intiial approval limit I would go with CSP @ $25.9K 12/2017.  Runner up... Uber at 25K after a quick call to an analyst 4/2019 and Regions @ 21K just off the app approval 3/2019.

500K+ TCL / 800+ FCOs
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Re: Your first $10,000+ Limit?

Banks like Discover watch your other cards to determine what limit they gonna give you.  I took out 6450 revolving with Lending club to finance some dental work and that’s how I got my 10k discover after only maxing out at 3k with bank credit cards before.

EX 664 TU 671 EQ 664
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