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amex reporting

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amex reporting

I have a amex blue card that i owe $345 on a $2000 limit...The closing date for this online states Feb 13..Due March 5....This is a new card I got in Jan,...And th credit line has not posted on any CR just yet...If I pay $200 on this card tomorrow....When would my new balance $145 show on my report?...I know the statement has already closed Feb13 but, nothings on my report yet...
Fico TU 655--need to rid 1 paid med collection-no updated score since, closing on house and adding 2 credit card accounts
Fico EX 720- when I last pulled it
Fico EQ 667- closed on house, and added 2 credit card accounts

Goal- Get my credit card accounts paid down completly within 3 months----And remove the last paid med collections of of my TU
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Re: amex reporting

Amex typically reports the statement balance a month behind, usually at the end.


If your statement cut on 2/13, it *should* report the $345 balance around the end of March. Paying the balance down won't affect what they report on your CRs unfortunately. 

Here we go again...
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