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chase double pulling for cli?

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Re: chase double pulling for cli?

E150GT wrote:

Has anyone asked chase for a CLI lately? I got double pulled for an app in april, and I already have 6 inquiries on experian. I could spare a HP on TU but man I dont want any more on EX. I am trying to decide if its worth it to ask for a CLI since my freedom is only $500 and I am starting to really like that card and next quarter it will be heaviy used. I dont wanna worry about it being paid being reported at near the limit. I dont wanna waste two hard pulls on a $500 increase either...

yeah.. I requested one and they pulled both EX and EQ here in VA..  Smiley Sad


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Re: chase double pulling for cli? UPDATE...

well I called the number given in this thread and it turns out I was double pulled. They pulled EX and TU. Thats ok though because they matched my CSP credit limit at $5700 for my freedom!! That makes me happy and now I can rest easy in the garden. That brngs my total credit to $24500 and if I get my 61 day amex 3x CLI it will be $28500. Not too shabby for me. Im happy with that. Thanks a lot guys

CSP-$8700, Amex BCE-17.2k, Chase Freedom-$5700
Discover It-$6600, USAA MC-$5900 Ink Bold- $12k United Explorer-$5k
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