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citi forward 5x typ no more?

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citi forward 5x typ no more?

I had a question about the citi forward student card...applied for it back in february


On the credit card application online on the citi credit website it shows 5x per dollar spent on restaurants, movies, etc.

However I did not get any bonus points on this month's statement, only the base 1x points


Called card services. Talked to both the rep and her supervisor and they both deny such a benefit exists for the forward card. They tell me there is nothing they can do and that I should snail mail a copy of the ad their office in South Dakota to prove the 5x benefit.


Has anyone else had this problem and resolved it?

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Re: citi forward 5x typ no more?

I'm not sure what is going on here. Myself and other posters who have had the card for some time experienced no problems getting bonus points, but several posters who were recently approved reported the same issue with Citi not honoring the 5x bonus. The frontline CSRs seem to not be aware of this problem or have any ability to resolve it. Try sending them a secure message and include a link to the web url where it clearly states the bonus. Good luck!

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Re: citi forward 5x typ no more?

From what I've gathered, some of the new approved Citi Forwards either were approved without the 5X feature because of a signing bonus, or were left out altogether.  I haven't seen a case where an existing Forward member hasn't gotten the 5X dining.

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Re: citi forward 5x typ no more?

+1 Open123

There were several posts complaining that new applicants were not given 5x points. Some had luck resolving it with CSR manager or other higher level customer service, and others had no such luck. But in all cases, it was a problem with people who applied after January. All of us existing members have reported continual 5x points.

My suggestion is call, write secure messages, send emails, and basically do whatever else you can until someone adds that feature. It is available, so you just need to find someone willing to give it to you.

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Re: citi forward 5x typ no more?

this happened to my citi forward, i called CSR and they fixed this within a few days, they also gave me a bonus of 3000 bonus for 300 spent in 3 months.

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Re: citi forward 5x typ no more?

Thank you all for your suggestions!


Sent a secured message with a link to the ad, still waiting for a response.


On a related note, the 1000 points I was supposed to get for switching to paperless statements and the 100 points for paying on time/staying under the credit limit for the month have not posted.

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