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forums members advice needed greatly

forums members advice needed greatly

My new situation:


Citi Simplicity- 1500 bal of a 1600 limit, due to BT to save interest. Statement cuts the 13th.

Walmart CC- was near max of 1100 limit, just increased double to 2200 yesterday. Statement cuts the 19th.


I am wanting to request a CLI for my Citi card. I am in my sixth month and have heard many different things

from forum members on when it's okay to request. Some say wait until statement. Some say as long as you're at your sixth month it's fine.

I want an increase from 1600 to 4k, IF POSSIBLE.

I would gladly take a counter offer of double, but no less. So between 3200-4000.

I am a little hesitant to request the increase for Citi, mostly because I don't know what would be most effective.


Scenarios to accomplish this:

1. Pay down some and wait for new limit for Walmart to show on reports (when will this be? After WM statement cuts the 19th?) before requesting.
2. Wait for step 1 to happen, then request online.
3. Wait for step 1 to happen, then request over phone.
4. Don't do step 1 and take a chance NOW today, since many are saying you don't have to wait for any certain day in your sixth month. Request online.
5. Request over phone TODAY by calling account manager and explain to him/her the reason for my increase request is for a Balance Transfer.


An alternate scenario I have just thought of that may be really disadvantageous:


I have an offer for a Cap 1 Platinum Mastercard with 0% APR on BT's and purchases through 9/2013.

No AF and NO BT FEE!

I could apply for this card, and regardless of what limit I get, I could get the BT money into my account, pay it towards the Citi balance

to lower util, and THEN REQUEST CLI.


Would the new line help my scores and aid my CR's. Haven't apped or inquired since early June for Citi. WM CLI yesterday was SP.


Please give me any and all input. I am wanting this increase as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone here!

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Re: forums members advice needed greatly

CITI, I would be inclined they would want to see the balance of less than 20% of your limit before granting a CLI, but I could be wrong

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