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how high?

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Re: how high?

onthemove wrote:

Kind of a two part question;



1) What was the lowest credit line that you started off with and how high has it gotten?


My Bank of America Platinum Plus Student Visa started at $500 and is now a BoA Cash Rewards 123 Visa Signature at $5500. 


2) What is your highest limit on just ONE credit card? (Amex or any other charge card don't count!)


My highest limit card is my First National Bank of Omaha Platinum Edition Visa at $19,000.


Discover IT $35K | FNBO Visa $30K | Cash+ Visa Sig $19.5K | Southwest Premier $16K | Priceline $15K | Citi Forward $14.3K | US Bank Plat $14K | Commerce Bank $13K | CSP $13K | CSR $10K | Sallie Mae World MC $10K | Lowe’s Consumer 10K | BoA Cash Rewards 1-2-3 Sig $7.5K | Fidelity Visa $7K | Citi Double Cash $6.5K | WF Cash Back Visa $5.4K | Capital One Cash Rewards $5K | AMEX BCE $3.9K | Freedom $2.5K | Younkers/Comenity $2.4K | Kohl’s 1.5K | Target $1.4K | EX FICO (from AMEX): 768, TU FICO (from Discover): 797, AAoA: 4.4 years
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Re: how high?

1. When I got my first card in many years in November 2012, it was a Capital One with a $300 CL.  It is now sitting at $1300 CL


2. Highest limit - my brand new, haven't even received it yet, DCU Visa - CL is $5,000.  Behind that is my Discover It @ $1500 CL

Start: (2-26): EQ 602 (Myfico) TU 579 (Credit Karma) EX 634 FAKO
Current: (7-12): EQ 690(myfico) WalmartTU 696 EX 689 (lender 6-3)
1st Goal: 680 across the board - DONE June 2013!
2nd Goal: 725 across the board
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Re: how high?

My Lowe's was opened in 2008 with a $800 limit.

Highest limit is now Lowe's at $20k. Chase cards are 2nd with limits of 15.7k and 15.1k

CC's: AMEX (4), Alliant Visa, PenFed AMEX, Pen Fed Promise, Citi (3), Chase (5), US Bank Cash+, Huntington Voice, UMB Visa, Nasa Plat Cash Visa, Barclay's Visa, Discover IT, Cap One QS, BOA (2), BMW Visa, 5/3 Real Life Rewards MC; FNBO Amex; Comenity Visa/MC (4), Ebates Visa Siggy, Nordstrom Visa, Walmart MC, Sam's Club MC; A few assorted store cards.

Current Scores (09/2017): EQ My Fico: 801; TU MyFico: 799; EX (My Fico): 797
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Re: how high?

Got my first CC in 2002 from Capital One.  My oldest account overall, it's sitting at the same CL of $2,000... just like the day I got it.  A true testament to Capital One... Smiley LOL


Currently have a United MilagePlus and Discover IT each with $8k CLs and a BofA Visa Platinum with a $4k in addition to two other CCs with lower limits which include my CapOne.  Hoping to never have to open another revolving TL and let these newer cards with larger limits grow with me.  We'll see.

| $8k | | $8k | | $6.5k | | $4k | | $2k | | $500 |

Baseline (5/1/2013) - EX 580 | TU 599 | EQ 599 * Goals - EX 750 | TU 750 | EQ 750
Current (6/10/2013) - EX 719 | TU 722 | EQ 737
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Re: how high?

1.  AMEX Delta Skymiles started at $2K now $25K


2.  NFCU at $30K

Starting Score: TU 672 EQ 654 10/20/09
Current Score: TU 775 EQ 783 EX 799 (PLUS)
AMEX Delta Platinum $35K, NFCU Visa Signature $30K, HHonors Reserve Visa $35K, WF $13.5K, IHG Rewards Club MC $25K
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Re: how high?

Macy's Store gives out $100 a lot.

American Eagle, Gap, Old Navy by GE give out $150 sometimes.

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Re: how high?

Biggest jump:  Alliant Platinum Visa $500 initial, $17K now


Highest Limit:  IlliniCard Rewards Visa $26.62K

FICO Scores Updated 07/15 EQ08 748 EX08 748 TU08 818
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Re: how high?

Opened Chase Freedom in 2000 with a $1000 limit.  Now its 38k over the lifespan of 12 years.  CLI's initated by me.


Highest card is NFCU platinum at 45k.  Started with 20k back in 2011.

NFCU Flagship - 50k | Chase Sapphire Preferred - 38k | AMEX BCE - 29.3k | Best Buy Store Card - 21k | Furniture Row - 19.7k | Lowes Card - 16k | NFCU LOC - 15k | Amazon Store - 12k | Macy's - 6000
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Re: how high?

My Capital One Business Platinum started at $500.  Now it is a Spark Miles card at $10k.


Highest CL is Chase SW Siggy at $10,500

Ch 7 Discharge 3/12/2018
Credit One $700, Wayfair $3,500

AU Cards: CSP $37.7k; Chase Marriott $20k; Citi TY $8.5k; Barclays Arrival+ $15k
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Re: how high?

1.) My first card was a BOFA Cash Rewards card that I got with a 700$ limit. I have yet to ask for a CLI (and I really don't intend to at this point.) so I've left it alone. 

2.) Currently, my highest limit is my Chase Freedom at 2,400. 

Bank of America: Cash Rewards.- 4.2k. 4/25/12 (CLI Increase 6/15/13, CLI May of 2015, sept 2015), Citi: Forward- 4.5k. 10/27/12 (CLI on 2/8/14, SP, CLI on 9/26/15 sp). Discover: More- 7k, 10/27/12 (Increase 6/1/14, CLI in May of 2015, SP 9/2015) Amex: PRG- NPSL (closed 12/13/13). 11/24/12. Chase: Freedom. 5/1/13- 5k (EX CLI HP 9/2015) Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus.-3.6k. 6/15/13. Amex BCE-2k. 12/7/13. Amex SPG-5k 12/8/13 (CLI on 9/2015) Capital one VentureOne Visa Signature-10k (9/6/15). Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard-4K. Last App: 9/6/15. Total cl: 45,300
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