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jp morgan palladium question


Re: jp morgan palladium question

<- Thinks it's pretty hilarious that people were posting stuff contrary to someone who actually has the card. It was nice of the person to post the information. Always valuable for the next person to know. Hopefully one day, I will have the amount of cashola required - won't really need the CC then will I? Smiley Wink
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Re: jp morgan palladium question

from500to700 wrote:

Will i just get confirmed news from the banker he said the following as long as i can have avg of $5 MM in my account for 3 monthes they will waive all credit requirment, If not then I have to meet certian credit requirment.


i guess I know what i have to do build build build account and credit :-))


not a single application before palladium

My friend is a Relationship Manager at JP Morgan Private Bank. She told me that it used to be that a Relationship Manager or Market Manager could approve credit cards for their clients but they recently changed the policy and all application go through the Card Center Underwriting. We did not go into detail, but Im sure there are special units for PB underwriting where exceptions could be made.



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Re: jp morgan palladium question

@indiolatino61 its time for the bronze spade!!

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