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multiple application in same day!!!


Re: multiple application in same day!!!

did three apps in 1 day so far 1/3, working on the recons on monday for the other two.

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Re: multiple application in same day!!!

same day

freedom 5k recon

freedom business denied after recon

amex approved 13.5 same day (missed $250 rewards down to $100 sucks tryed to get no way will cancel card and retry with rsvp)

discovery denied for business (idiots)

cap one spark calssic approved 2k (cheap guys that was the card i ll use)

bofa signutare CLI from 5k to 15k (after 4 years and 60k annual spend Boa realize that the customer moving too late bayby)

BOFA Master 5k# BOFA Visa 15k flex#Amex BCE 13.5k#chase freedom 5k#capital one $2000 2009#HSBC 1k closed 2009 (those guys kidding with limits)

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Business account###Capital one spark 2k
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