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"Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

afbar1114 wrote:

koalablue wrote:

Sock drawer: Wells Fargo Visa, Discover, Freedom, United Explorer, PRG

Wallet: British Airways Visa, BCP, SPG, Amex Hilton Surpass, United Club Visa

Using the Surpass until I hit $3000 to get 20000 additional Hhonors points. Got 40,000 with first purchase. Then using the BA Visa to spend $9000 within the next year to get 20,000 additional points. Got 50,000 points after the first $1000 spent.

why these two? they are good cards espically freedom


The Freedom was a PC from another Chase card where the penalty interest rate is still 30%. It's my oldest card so I'm keeping it open. For the Explorer, I have the Club Visa which has better benefits though a much higher AF. The higher AF is worth it right now since I'm flying once a month.  I got the Explorer first and the Club Visa a few days after. I may close the Explorer if I can move the CL to another Chase card, but I was thinking of keeping it so I'll have it if I close the Club Visa.

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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

LS2982 wrote:

Which cards do you have that need that smelly sock treatment???


Discover is on my list..........Smiley Mad

The Store Cards:  Only need to come out for a specific purpose

Lumber Liquidators (great for a single purpose--replace carpet with hardwood floors!)

Home Depot:  Hey, it's winter!  It may come out of hibernation in the spring when I need lawn/garden stuff

Lowes: Ditto, unless there's something really special that I need and they have that 0% financing offer.  Got all my kitchen appliances with such an offer.


The Others:


1st Command Platinum Visa.  One of my first prime cards, they gave me credit and CLI early on when I was rebuilding.  And I found about them here! 

Wells Fargo VIsa.  Only reason I got this is that I have a mortgage with WF, figured it might be handy to have at some point in the future

AMEX Zync.  This one is hard.  I love my Zync!  First of my AMEX cards in the "rebuilding era" (had a green back in the 70s and again in the early 90s)

AMEX Clear.  Kids use it more than I do, they are on as additional cardholders.


The rest of them do get rotated around, with the Chase cards and Merrill Lynch getting the best workout. 

EX = 849 EQ = 850 TU = 850 as of 07/2017
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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

#1 Target red card stuck at $200 rcv'd the card January 2012... its embarasing, I have other cards that are pushing 5k, yet they have me stuck at $200, no lates on any credit accounts, and 7 baddies on my report down to 2 baddies now, with one more to fall off the next month. 


#2 Brylane Home decent card and old enough to get CLI's every 3 months now, but product quality is so bad I refuse to order from them, just will kick back and keep asking for CLI's perhaps order something from a sister site to keep the card active. 


#3 Capone Rewards card, stuck at $750  card app'd for in 5/2011, one CLI via the step program and is on the chopping block in May when its AF isdue. Unless they waive it the card is gone. 


#4 CapOne non-rewards platinum stays around for awesome APR  11.5% has a 2k limit but hasn't moved in  over 3 years, card will be 4 years old in april my oldest credit card tradeline. Best card for Balance transfers, no fees,  if i can't get a 0 percent BT deal.  


Cards: Chase Southwest 20k & CSR 10k & CSP 10k & Freedom 6.6k & Amtrak/Freedom 4.6k, FNBO DISC 25.1k Oregon Duck 5k, & AMEX BCP 32.5k & Hilton Surpass 7.5k & Delta Gold 6k & Zync NPSL, Fidelity AMEX 17k Commerce5.9k & Cash Forward 7.5k & Sams Club MC 12.5k, Paypal Extras MC 8.5k, CapOne Venture 15k, QS 2.5k, QS 750, Amazon 5.9k, Walmart 10k, Citi Simplicity 9k, Discover IT 16k and a nice stack of store cards.
Last APP/HP 5/15/2017 Marcus Loan. 30k
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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

Discover It (this period's category is duplicative of the Forward's and next period's categories are useless for me).

Amex Delta Gold (there's no point in using this card for basically anything since I also have the PRG and can transfer points to Delta if I want to.  This card will be canceled when the fee hits)

Chase United (not sure how much use I'll have for this card once I hit the minimum spend for the 55k miles.  This card will also be canceled.).


I imagine my two most used cards will be the Forward and the PRG.  Still not sure if I'll keep the PRG when the fee hits.

Chase Sapphire Preferred - 5.6k (3/13) | Amex Premier Rewards Gold - NPSL (1/13) | Chase United MileagePlus Explorer Visa Signature - 9k (1/13) | Amex Delta Gold - 6k (9/12) | Citi Forward Visa - 10k (10/12) | Discover It - 2k (2/12) | Chase +1 Visa - $300 (2/11)
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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

LS2982 wrote:
Too many new accounts/INQ's. Legit reasons but that hasn't stopped any other creditor from increasing me other than discover.

How many inquires were your credit reports showing at the time?   Inquiring minds want to know about inquiries.....

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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

Everything is in the sockdrawer for me as I'm paying down balances other than Amex Zync and whichever card is doing a gas bonus. Currently Freedom. If it's Discover, I'll carry the Visa/MC that has the lowest balance just incase the vendor doesnt take either.

In full gardening/ debt annihilation mode! (4/15/13)
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Chase Freedom Visa 1600/3.8k (9/11); Chase Southwest RR Premier Visa Signature 4300/10.7k (6/12); Discover It 0/3k (7/12)
EQ: 751 (4/1/13) EX: 742 (4/8/13) TU: 732 (4/8/13)
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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

American Express Blue Cash Everyday and Simply Cash, except for Federal Express and mobile telephone bills.


LS2982 wrote:
Too many new accounts/INQ's. Legit reasons but that hasn't stopped any other creditor from increasing me other than discover.

Did you speak to someone or was it by computer? When they telephoned me the person did mention that I had opened a lot of accounts and had inquiries but that was okay and she increased it anyway.

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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

Im pretty much done asking for CLI's with Discover. I'll use the card when it benefits ME and maybe theyll get the point.

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

Crap 1, No Hassle Rewards is in the Drawer. Haven't used it in 5 months.

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Re: "Time for the Sock Drawer" Thread

Kay Jeweler's. I have it simply to help pad my utilization. It gets to see the light of day about twice a year for something small, like a watch battery.

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