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Well its been 18 months since my bk discharge and thanks to all the advice gathered from here I am well on my to recovery.
Like most people rebuilding I got the usual rebuilders credit one, Applied bank and Tribute. About 6 months ago I got a capital one card and thru the credit steps cli etc I am sitting at a cl of $1800, Tonight I Applied for and received another capital one card with a 2k starting limit 0 perc interest until feb 09 and zero transfer fee's.
My question is this
All 3 of the rebuilder cards have a huge annual fee and charge me fee's monthly ranging from 5.95 month to 10.95 month, ( I was very happy to pay these a year ago to get restarted ). Should I go ahead and transfer my balance to my new cap 1 and close them or just let them age and pay the fee's? At some point i definatly want to close them as they will never grow into anything useful long term and was thinking about taking the hit now. they are all over a year old so have 12+ months of positive payment history that will be there.
Any ideas or input from the experts or anyone else would be appreciated.

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