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upon CC decline..

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Re: upon CC decline..

There are TWO issues involved here that I believe are confusing to many:


1.  If you are denied a credit card, then the cc company will send you (email or land letter) your CREDIT SCORE.  It may be a true FICO or might be a variant thereof.  Note the scoring range!  They may also send you your credit score if you are approved, but do not receive the best terms available (i,e. interest rate).


2.  If denied credit, the cc company will NOT directly send a CREDIT REPORT to you.  Instead, you must contact the appropriate CRA(s) directly, which will have been identified along with your credit score (above).  You then reference the cc company that denied you credit which, of course, is already known to the CRA since they provided your credit information to the cc company.  You will then receive your free credit report online.


And remember, once you have your free credit report, you can continue to get free, updated copies for a period of time, typically two or three months.  You'll need your Report Number from the original credit report, which is then imputed into the CRA online request form each time.  For Experian, you need to find the credit report "Investigative" or "Dispute" portion of their website.  The other two CRAs should be similar.  As an example, see the following Experian LINK:


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