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How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card at Home

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How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card at Home

"Your metal credit card—at least, the one I’ve been using—isn’t embossed. It’s just two layers of plastic that have been adhered to a thin piece of metal. Accordingly, you can peel off these plastic layers and shred or destroy them without having to worry about the metal itself."


It's a Chase Sapphire Reserve card.


Metal is so 5 minutes ago. Bring on the glass cards already!

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Re: How to Destroy a Metal Credit Card at Home

I'm used to Canadian (Chip + PIN) cards. If the card is compromised and cancelled by the issuer they're completely useless in Canada, even the cardholder wrote their PIN on the card and it's stolen.


When an American Chip and Signatured card is cancelled where/how could it be used?

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