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760 Club for 2018?

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760 Club for 2018?

It seems a lot of credit bureaus are congratulating members who reach 760 (or higher) in their credit score.  And the CB's call it the 760 Club.


For me, I have been getting around 800, and then I drop to 760 whenever a new card is approved and activated.  The credit simulator on the CB's Dashboard shows that if I hold off applying for anymore cards, the 800 score returns in a short amount of time.


Any thoughts?

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Re: 760 Club for 2018?

First thing, the "credit bureaus" don't congratulate members.  The bureaus simply compile data and that data is then pulled and used.


Second, simulators are garbage many times so I wouldn't suggest using them or putting much stock in what they say anyway.


Finally, it seems you sort of answered your own question.  You stated your scores are around 800 and when you open a new account your scores drop to 760 or so.  Your language suggests this has happened more than once, which means you're aware of roughly how long it takes for your ~760 to return to ~800.  Your own personal experience with that score loss/gain is far more meaningful than whatever a simulator tells you.  It sounds to me like if you don't apply for anything that your scores will be back near 800 in a relatively short amount of time.

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