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A bit perturbed...

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A bit perturbed...

I am just a little upset.  After all of the work I have been doing trying to get my credit reports cleaned up, I hit a roadblock when trying to apply for a department store card.
From what I hear, Target is one of the easier cards to get - the store card.  MyFICO tells me that my biggest negative factor is that I need a revolving line of credit so I apply for the Target card as well as a couple of others.  I get a denial from Target today (the first one I applied for) stating that the biggest determining factor in the denial was that they could not verify my address or telephone number.  I look up their phone number on the internet and call them to see what I need to do to be reconsidered for their card.  They pulled TU when I applied.  They said that the address and telephone number did not match up with the one I provided. 
The info I provided was exactly the same as that I recently had (or thought I had) gotten corrected on TU - in fact, got an email confirming the changes had been made.  They had not been made and my street address is correct but they messed up and put "A T #" instead of apt then the apt  #.  This one mistake caused me to be denied for a very easy to get card.  I'm upset beyond believe.
The lady at Target National Bank said that I should go to the store in about a month with my driver's license and apply again.  Why?  So I can get another ding on my credit report?  She said there was nothing that she could do because the address on my credit report didn't match up exactly with the one I provided.  I'm at a complete loss.  Does anyone know what I should do next?  I really don't want another ding since my scores are fairly high and I don't want to bring them down with another inquiry.  Should I go up the ladder at TNB?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I hate to hear that happened.  I think Target is actually...

I hate to hear that happened.  I think Target is actually more conservativethan others as far as preventing ID theft.  It seems that you should be able to apply immediately in store with a vaild photo ID.  If they could not provide the verifying info they probably didn't actually pull the reoprt.  Did you check to see if there is a new inquiry from Target?  Have you checked your other bureaus to besure they are up to date?  If target is denying you because the address didn't match up, the inquiry was probably denied.
I keep having problems with them as well (TU) as far as the address and it is also the address I'm not sure what he snafu is on their system.
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Got it corrected with TU

Thanks Brammy for your quick response.  Yes, they did pull TU and it showed the next day when I did an update on True Credit.
I called TU and they fixed it immediately.  I went ahead and tried to make sure my other issues with them were cleared up as well.  The guy had a really thick accent so I got nowhere fast but he did fix my address so that's a good thing.  Who could have thought one very simple little mistake like that would deny my application - and that alone???  Looking at my former addresses that were apartments, they have the same exact error as well. 
Oh, and I asked about adding a bank account to my report but he said I couldn't.  I'm still sending my letter hoping someone will add it.
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Well I'm at a lost.  If they actually pulled the report t...

Well I'm at a lost.  If they actually pulled the report the only thing most card companies do is have you verify the correct address.  Even Amex won't deny you, they simply ask you to send in proof of residence.  Told ya Target was really conservative.
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They did pull TU, it showed up the very next day when I u...

They did pull TU, it showed up the very next day when I updated True Credit.
I called TU and spoke with a guy who had a very thick accent.  I don't know if he got everything else that I wanted to change but he did change my address - verified it on True Credit.  I did notice, however, that one of my old addresses, again, an apartment had the same silly error.  Who knew something so incredibly simple would be the only thing to get me denied???
Oh and I asked the guy about adding my bank account and he said he couldn't do it.  I'm still going to send my letter in hopes someone will add it.
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Didn't mean to double post but didn't think the first one went through - got error page.
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